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Automatic Opt-Outs
Scripted Opt-Outs
Best Practices for Opt-Outs

If a Contact requests to stop further communication, organizations are required by law to remove (“Opt-Out”) them from the list.

Automatic Opt-Outs

A Contact will be automatically opted out (removed from the Program's Contact List) if they reply with "STOP." The Texter will not see their reply at all. You must curate your lists carefully. A high automatic opt-out rate will cause your messaging to be flagged as potential spam. To help lower the auto opt out rate use “STOP2QUIT” in your initial message.

Carriers consider anything more than 5% opt-out to be a high rate for consumers who have opted in and therefore should want to receive these messages.

Scripted Opt-Outs

In addition to monitoring automatic opt-out rates, all Workspaces  must use a Recommended Reply with an “Opt-Out” Data Tag to remove a Contact from a Program when a contact asks to be opted out. Using any Recommended Reply with this Data Tag will automatically opt a contact out.

Every Program includes a general “Opt-Out” Recommended Reply, one “Wrong Number” Recommended Reply, and one "Both" (Wrong Number + Opt-Out) Recommended Reply.

To create additional Opt-Out responses, take advantage of the ability to use multiple Data Tags on scripted Recommended Replies. For example, a Contact is a Supporter who does not want to receive texts. In that case, use an "Opt-Out + Support" Recommended Reply that will both remove the Contact from additional texts AND record a Data Tag of "Support." 

See our Wrong Number / Opt-Out / Both Script Template for multiple opt-out, wrong number, and both responses.

Best Practices for Opt-Outs

Important! Opt-out language is required for all Program Initial Outbound Messages.

Discerning whether or not to opt-out a Contact can be difficult. Program Administrators should give specific guidelines on when to opt-out Contacts.  Do opt-out when a Contact says any of the following: 

  • Stop: Can include synonyms of Stop, Quit, Cease, Halt. 
  • No More: "Don’t text me anymore," "do not send me any more messages," "no more texts."
  • Remove: “Delete,” “Lose my number,” “Take me off,” “Off.” 
  • Don’t Text:  “Put me on your Do Not Call List” (sometimes abbreviated “DNC”)
  • Reply “Yes” to an Offer to Opt Them Out: Program scripts may have Recommended Replies that ask a Contact if they’d like to be opted out. If they reply “yes” to this, opt them out. Texter’s can also ask a Contact who cites their "privacy has been invaded by these texts" or threatens to "block" the number if they want to be opted out. 
  • “I Won’t Vote If You Text Me Again”: This is an opt-out request since they are trying to get the organization not to text them anymore. Send a general Opt-Out reply that tells them they are being opted out with that final message.

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