How to Use Auto Reply to an Initial Outbound

Auto Reply sends a Recommended Reply to Initial Inbounds matching a keyword. This feature will help Texters and Administrators work through Program frequent responses based on script design. 

Keywords can use only a single word (i.e., STOP2QUIT or WRONG), and only the exact spelling of the keyword will trigger keywords - (spelling sensitive, case insensitive, no punctuation allowed, no emoji.) Admins cannot add keywords that are part of the global auto opt-out keywords, such as STOP. 

How to Setup Auto Reply to an Initial Outbound

Upload Your Script 

  1. Select “Administration” from the top menu ❯ “Programs.
  2. Create a Program or click the  "Edit" button next to the desired Program.
  3. On the “Scripts" tab, click the "Recommended Replies" sub-tab.
  4. Create your Script by either adding them one by one or uploading them with our Script Templates.

Set Your Initial Outbound

  1. On the “Scripts" tab, click the "Initial Outbounds" sub-tab.
  2. Click the "Create Initial Outbound" button at the top right of that screen
  3. Insert your Initial Outbound message into the field.
  4. Go to the Auto Reply section and add a keyword. Search for the Recommended Reply to map that keyword response. 
  5. Click "Update." Create as many keyword records as desired. 
  6. Click "Save Changes."

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