10DLC: Billing Process

TextOut passes The Campaign Registry (TCR)  fees through to the customer with no markup. TCR and/or the carriers may change their fee structure, and if so, customers will be notified, and this article will be updated accordingly.

  • If a Campaign’s Use Case is political, the campaign will be charged $10/month, renewed monthly. 
  • Campaign fees are billed monthly at the end of the calendar month. TextOut will add these to your monthly invoice as additional line items. All registered Charity/501(c)(3) campaigns will receive automatic registration fee waivers on T-Mobile. Previously, only 501(c)(3) fundraising use cases were eligible for fee waivers and a Special Business Review was required.
  • K-12 Education campaigns are now eligible for fee waivers with a Special Business Review. Campaign messages must either be sent directly by a K-12 educational institution or provided as part of a free service offering for use by members of a K-12 educational institution to qualify.
  • T-Mobile and AT&T charge increased carrier fees for unregistered traffic.

The following billing example is provided for illustrative purposes only:

Campaign Creation For example, on May 5
First Monthly Charge Appears on May 31 Invoice from TCR to TextOut (end of the calendar month of campaign creation)
Cancellation notice due (to avoid renewal billing). June 4 (day before campaign renewal)
First Campaign Renewal (anniversary date). June 5

*The campaign continues to be renewed and billed on a monthly cycle until the Account Owner terminates the campaign.

10DLC Fees

These fees will be passed through to you in your monthly TextOut invoice.

One-time fees

  • $4.00 per Brand Registration (one-time TCR Fee) (This charge excludes any 3rd party vetting fees or non-standard review procedures as mandated by the MNOs, see Vetting Fees below.)
  • New! An industry-wide, mandatory vetting fee of $15 has been introduced for all new 10DLC campaigns. This fee will come into effect from January 26th, 2023 onwards. Any new 10DLC campaigns submitted on or after this date will thus incur a $15 one-time fee.
  • T-Mobile Fees:
    • T-Mobile charges a $50 one-time fee per Campaign (in addition to the monthly recurring Campaign fee (see below) to be paid to TCR). 
    • For Brands requiring 50 or more numbers, special pre-approval is needed, plus a one-time $500 fee to T-Mobile upon application submission.
    • For Brands requiring daily messaging volumes above 200k, special pre-approval is needed by T-Mobile, plus a one-time $5000 fee upon application submission.

Please contact support@civitech.io if you require 50 or more numbers per Campaign, or daily volumes over 200k.

Recurring fees

  • Monthly fees are associated with each Campaign, depending upon your use case. They are invoiced monthly for an initial three-month period, which will renew until you deactivate the Campaign. See Pricing for Special Use Cases
    • Regular Campaigns, $10/mo
    • Low Volume/Mixed Campaigns, $2/mo
    • Political Campaigns, $10/mo
    • Charity Campaigns ((501(c)(3) only), $3/mo
  • Special Use cases may have different associated fees than standard use cases. Some customers that successfully register for the Charity / 501(c)(3) or Emergency special use cases may be eligible for per-message fee discounts or waivers at the MNOs’ discretion.

Vetting fees

Please see our support guide to Vetting and related Fees

Important! Make sure the information you enter in the vetting forms is correct. A mistake will cause the verification to fail, and another fee will be required to resubmit with corrected information.

What are Network Access Fees?

In addition to migrating to the 10DLC ecosystem, carriers still charge various Network Access Fees (NAF). These fees are passed through to us from the aggregators and are included in our Service Fees per our contract terms. We reserve the right to charge for unregistered surcharges and fines. We reserve the right to increase our Service Fees if carrier fees increase.

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