10DLC: Understanding & Managing Throughput

When your Campaign is approved, you are assigned a maximum throughput per minute by AT&T and a daily throughput limit for T-Mobile. The 10DLC Campaign screen in your TextOut Account displays the carrier terms for each Campaign. These terms vary and are based on the Brand entity type, the vetting results, and the selected Use-Case. 

When calculating how many phone numbers you’ll need to purchase for each Campaign, consider the number of contacts in your Program, the speed at which you need to complete your Program, and the number of segments in your initial outbound message (you can see this in the Program Admin in TextOut, on the Initial Outbound script field). There is a universal carrier limit on 10DLC number messaging, capping the throughput rate at 1 segment per 1 second per number.

Frequently used terms 

  • THROUGHPUT PER MINUTE (TPM, AT&T ONLY): The number of message segments that can be sent per minute on the carrier’s network. 

Important: This is measured in segments - shorter messages are better!

  • MESSAGE CLASS (AT&T ONLY): AT&T’s message classification correlates to the surcharge and TPM for a Campaign.
  • BRAND TIER (T-MOBILE ONLY): T-Mobile's message classification correlates to a brand's daily messaging volume cap.
  • BRAND DAILY CAP (T-MOBILE ONLY): The total amount daily messaging volume cap for a Brand.

MNO Throughput terms tables

The following tables illustrate AT&T and T-Mobile Throughput terms.* If you send messages that exceed these terms, they will be undelivered, with an error code signifying that messaging exceeded throughput terms.

*Terms may be subject to change by MNOs at any time. We will keep this article updated as we learn of any changes. (Source: The Campaign Registry, 03/10/22)



How to manage throughput limitations

Managing your throughput is about two things, and BOTH should be taken into consideration when planning a successful Campaign:

  1. Avoid exceeding the universal per second limit on each 10DLC Phone Number
  2. Avoiding exceeding the per day (T-Mobile) throughput limits on your Brand or per minute (AT&T) throughput limits on your Campaign

Your use case determines your throughput per minute with AT&T, and brand vetting for non-Russell 3000 businesses will determine your daily throughput to T-Mobile.

Managing the Universal 10DLC Limit 1 segment/second

Each 10DLC number can send at most one segment per second. That is 3,600 segments per hour. Once this limit is exceeded, messages will be queued by the carriers and are more likely to be undelivered. You can purchase up to 49 numbers for each Campaign.

Amount of 10DLC Phone Numbers Max Segments Per Hour Amount of 2-Segment Messages per Hour Amount of  3-Segment Messages per Hour
1 3,600 1,800 1,200
5 18,000 9,000 6,000
10 36,000 18,000 12,000
20 72,000 36,000 24,000
25 90,000 45,000 30,000
35 126,000 63,000 42,000
49 176,400 88,200 58,800

Managing AT&T / T-Mobile Throughput Limitations

Depending upon your Brand and/or Campaign throughput terms, you may need to adjust your Program sending pace to optimize deliverability. See the MNO Throughput Terms table above.

For AT&T, ensure that all numbers in the Campaign are not sending more than the total segments per minute. For example, if you send a one-segment message from 4 numbers and have 240 segments per minute approved, each number may send no more than 60 messages per minute. 

For T-Mobile, ensure when sending that you aren’t surpassing your approved daily limit by T-Mobile each day. A day resets at 12:01 am.

Customers who need more than 200,000 daily messages sent to T-mobile must submit a T-mobile Special Business Review (SBR) request. Please email TextOut Customer Support if you require this volume. TextOut will submit the request on your behalf.

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