Troubleshooting: Script Loading Errors

If your script is not loading into TextOut, and you're receiving an error message, check your script for formatting errors.

Your script data should be formatted into 6 columns. You must copy and paste 6 columns into your TextOut program, even if you're not using the last two date columns. See How to Create a Script Using our Script Templates

TextOut will automatically fix some, but not all, errors in formatting. Make sure you've not included the following anywhere in your script sheet data that you're copying and pasting into TextOut:

You can search your script (Google) sheet for any hard returns using the formula: \r\n|\n|\r and replace them with different formatting, searching "using regular expressions" (check that box, as in the example below). In the example below, we replaced any hard returns in our script with a comma and a space. 

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