Using Links in Recommended Replies

To share a link with Contacts and maximize message deliverability, follow these guidelines:

  • UPDATE! If you share a link in the Initial Outbound message - make it an official link!. With the 10DLC rules requiring Campaigns to be approved, all initial outbound messages will be reviewed and approved. Links in the initial outbound message are OK as long as they are directly associated with the website link you provided during the campaign approval process. 
  • Do not use bit.lys or other short links. The carriers don’t allow link shorteners. These will be flagged as spam and undelivered. Always use the direct link.
  • Do not use two links in one message.
  • Do include a space between the end of the link and the next character in your message. In other words, do not put punctuation right at the end of the link URL - it'll break the link rendering it as text to the viewer instead of a clickable link.

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