Managing Data Tags on Recommended Replies

Admins can add or edit Data Tags to a script's Recommended Replies at two different points:

  • When they upload a script, OR
  • Through the Program Admin after a Program is created.

How to add Data Tags when uploading a script

Data Tags in the script spreadsheet (column D) will be included when uploading the script.

Data Tags in an uploaded script that haven't been used before in the Workspace will be added to the "Default" Data Tag Group, and they can be edited and placed into an appropriate Data Tag Group at the Workspace level.

How to add, edit, and delete Data Tags to a Recommended Reply

  1. Select “Administration” from the top menu ❯ “Programs.”
  2. Select a Program and click "Edit."
  3. Select “Scripts" and click the "Recommended Replies" subtab.
  4. Click the desired “Recommended Reply” to add a Data Tag.
  5. A pop-up will open, click on the "Data Tags" field and search for the Data Tag to assign. Replies can have multiple Data Tags. If the Data Tag is already created or used in a Workspace, it will be available to assign. If the desired Data Tag is not already available in a Workspace, you can add it here.
  6. Click “Save Changes."
  7. To remove a Data Tag, click the "X” button.

Make sure to double-check both the Data Tag Groups and Data Tags to make sure they are correct to ensure accurate data collection and reporting.

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