Requirements for Creating Initial Outbound Messages

Violating the below requirements puts organizations' messages at greater risk of being blocked by the carriers. The carriers' filtering methods are not standardized or transparent. The rules below are not an exhaustive list and may change. Please consult your legal counsel before beginning a messaging program.
  1. Clear Opt-Out language is REQUIRED in your Initial Outbound (IOB) message. The IOB should include instructional language such as: "STOP2QUIT
  2. Keep Initial Messages Short! Do not exceed 306 characters, which equates to two segments of text with most carriers. Use clear and simple language. Don't include repetitive phrasing.

    A character counter will appear underneath the IOB message in the program admin to help you control the length of your IOB. The platform will not limit the content in an IOB message.
  3. Links are acceptable if associated with the website link submitted with the 10DLC registration of the approved Campaign.
  4. Use the contact's first name to greet them. "Hi Jane, this is Tom with..."
  5. Identify yourself and who you are texting for. "Hi Jane, this is Tom with John Brown for Governor."

You must include Opt-Out language in your Initial Outbound (IOB) message. 

U.S. cell phone carriers prefer that you clearly give your message recipient the tools to opt out with your first message. To ensure your programs comply with the carriers’ policies and that your continued text message deliverability is not affected, you need to end all initial outbound messages with the following simple phrase:  Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

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