How to Create a Simple Script

Program Admins can upload a full Program script by quickly copying and pasting the entire script at once from an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet. Or they can add recommended replies one by one directly in the Program Admin.

We've created a sample script below that illustrates the basic elements of a script needed to load into TextOut. Download the TextOut Basic Script Template

Using the script template

To use the full script copy and paste method to load a Script, your Script spreadsheet must contain six columns, A-F. The “Basic Script Template” includes the following headers in order:

  • Column A: Script Type - This is the category of the Recommended Reply. This is important, particularly for Wrong Number, Opt-Out, and Both replies. Admins can also use them to filter a Program's set of replies by Script Type.
  • Column B: Title - The reply title is visible to the Texters and searchable in the Program.
  • Column C: Body - The actual message that Texters send to a Contact. 
  • Column D: Data Tags - (Optional) Data Tags are attached to specific replies. 
  • Columns E-F: Visible From and Expires After - (Optional) Allows presetting the visibility of time-sensitive replies. Format as MM/DD/YY.
  • Column G: Instructions - This is internal only and doesn’t get uploaded to the Program
  • Columns H-I: Character & Segment Count - Best practices are to keep your text messages at 1-2 segments (around 160 characters), especially for the Initial Outbound Message. This is internal only and doesn't get uploaded to the Program.

Initial Outbound: The top row of the spreadsheet, directly under the column headers, should contain an "Initial Outbound" ("IOB") message. Be sure to review compliance requirements and best practices for this initial message. Recommended Replies: The replies are listed in the rows beneath the Initial Outbound. Each row in the spreadsheet constitutes one "Recommended Reply." Once loaded into TextOut, these replies will be available for Texters to use in conversations with Contacts. Some best practices are:

  • Draft a workflow diagram to guide the conversation flow and answer expected questions. 
  • List replies in the order of use with the most frequent replies at the top.
Check out our Script Template Library for complete scripts and example workflows that cover standard texting Programs.

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