Create Texter Levels

Administrators control Texters by assigning Texter Levels, whether they may need moderator approval to receive texts, how many texts they receive in each batch, and the ability to handle replies.

Every Workspace has a default Texter Level. The default Texter Level is initially defined for Texters at this level to receive 100 contacts and require moderator approval to receive texts. A label will show which level is the default level. These initial attributes are editable.

Elements of a Texter Level

  • Default: New Texters will be applied to this Texter Level anytime they join the workspace.
  • Requires Approval: Texters with this optional requirement will need each request for new texts approved by a Moderator.
  • Initial Outbounds (IOBs): The Texters can request initial outbounds (IOBs) at a set batch size amount. If this feature is only selected, a Texter with this level will only allow to request and send IOBs. Admins can allow Texters to only handle IOBs using a custom Texter Level.
  • Replies: Allows the Texters to request conversations with the status “ready to reply” from the Replies pool at a set batch size amount. Admins can also allow Texters to only handle replies or request replies using a custom Texter Level. 

An Admin can customize a Texter level to combine the above or none if you want to limit a Texter’s ability to request batches within a Program. 

How to create a new Texter Level

  1. Select “Administration” from the top menu ❯ “Texter Levels.” 
  2. Click “Create new Texter Level.” 
  3. Create a name for the Texter Level and indicate whether the User must require approval, can request Initial Outbounds, or Request Replies. 

Tip: Create a Naming System for Texters. Name each Texter Level for Admins and Moderators. Texters will not be able to see the name of the Texter Level. 

How to edit an existing Texter Level

  1. Click the "Edit" icon next to the Texter Level 
  2. Edit any details desired.
  3. Click “Save.”

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