Create Data Tags

TextOut has two types of Data Tags:

  • Scripted Data Tags are attached to Recommended Replies loaded into the Program. Data tags will be captured and logged each time an associated Recommended Reply is sent.
  • Freeform Data Tags are not attached to Recommended Replies. If enabled, Texters can add data relevant to the conversation in the box that appears at the bottom right of their screen under the Recommended Replies.

Only Administrators can add Data Tags at the Workspace level, and either an Administrator or an Editor may add them at the Program level.

How to add Data Tags at the Workspace Level

  1. Select “Administration” from the top menu ❯ “Workspace Settings” ❯ “Data Tags.”
  2. To add a new Data Tag, click “Add Data Tag.” 
  3. In the pop-up menu, add the title of the Data Tag, select its Data Tag grouping and select the Data Tag type (Scripted or Freeform). 
  4. Select “Save Changes.”

How to add Data Tags at the Program Level

Insert Data Tag Individually

  1. Select “Programs” from the top menu ❯ “Edit” next to the appropriate program ❯ “Scripts”❯ “Recommended Replies.”
  2. To add a new Data Tag, click on the Recommended Reply to which the Data Tag is attached and then type it in the "Data Tags" section.
  3. Select “Save Changes.”

Using a Script Template

TextOut will load all Data Tags prepared in Column D ("Data Tags") of a TextOut script template and loaded to the Program's Recommended Replies. If new Data Tags in the script do not exist at the Workspace level, the system will create and add them.

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