Understand the TextOut Hierarchy

Within TextOut, a flexible structure is used to organize and manage everything from Billing to Program management.


Accounts are at the top level of the TextOut hierarchy. Accounts represent a contractual relationship between TextOut and an Organization. Accounts allow Account-level Users to manage 10DLC, Billing, Users, and general Account management. Account Owners can also submit their Brand and Campaign information to The Campaign Registry (the 10DLC ecosystem for long-code SMS messaging). 


Workspaces are where texting programs are created and managed. New Accounts are created with a single workspace, but an Account can have multiple Workspaces. Workspace settings apply to all Programs within the Workspace.


Divisions are used to organize Program Groups. Every Workspace has at least one Division. 

Program Groups

Program Groups are used to organize Programs. Every Division has at least one Program Group.


Programs are the smallest level within the TextOut Program hierarchy. Set up scripts, load contacts, manage Roles, and more within the texting Program.

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