⭐️ Checklist: How to Customize a Workspace

  1. Set up Workspace Details. Greet Users and provide information to new Texters.
  2. Create Workspace Structure. Create Division(s), Program Group(s) and Program(s).
  3. Integrate VAN Instance(s) with the Workspace to sync data. (Optional)
  4. Invite Users to the Workspace.
  5. Assign User Roles and Permissions within your Workspace.
  6. Create Workspace Texter Levels to manage how people text in your Workspace.
  7. Create Data Tag Groups to organize data from Programs.
  8. Define Data Tags to gather the right information from Programs.
  9. Define Reassignment Reasons to control how Texters reassign conversations.
  10. Create Survey Questions to use while texting. (Optional)

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