⭐️ How to Opt-Out a Contact

When sending text messages, organizations are legally required to opt a Contact out if they request removal at any time. The Contact may use phrases such as "please stop," "don't contact me," "unsubscribe," "remove me," "cancel," "end," "quit," or something similar.

To opt-out a Contact, use the Opt-Out reply in the Program script. Every program is pre-loaded with at least one general opt-out reply. A program admin may choose to add additional opt-out replies to select from.

Using any scripted response with the Opt-Out data tag will automatically trigger an opt-out in the application. Texters will no longer be able to send or receive messages from that Contact.

Note: Contacts who reply  "STOP" will automatically trigger the application to remove the Contact.
Note: Opt-Out guidelines may vary by organization. Check with the Workspace Administrator about any additional opt-out guidelines.

Can I Opt Out Someone Without Sending a Message?

Texters must send an Opt-Out message provided in the Program if a Contact requests to be removed. The best practice is always to reply by confirming that their request has been honored by the Contact. 

Once an Opt-Out message is sent, a Texter will not see any new responses from that contact. Moderators can see any post-Opt-Out responses through the Moderation view.

Selecting an “Opt-Out” or “Both” reply from the Recommended Reply options will remove the User from the list. Contact the Program Admin for any questions about opt-outs. It’s imperative to follow opt-out rules.

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