10DLC: Billing Process

Effective March 1, 2022, T-Mobile and AT&T will increase carrier fees for all unregistered traffic. T-Mobile will also begin collecting a registration fee of $50 for all new Campaigns.

TextOut passes The Campaign Registry (TCR)  fees through to the customer with no markup. TCR may change this process, customers will be notified, and this article will be updated accordingly.

  • All campaign registrations are created for an initial three-month period. 
  • Campaign fees are billed monthly at the end of the calendar month. TextOut will add these to your monthly invoice as additional line items. TCR is sending its invoices mid-month for the previous month's charges.
  • All registered Charity/501(c)(3) campaigns will now receive automatic fee waivers on T-Mobile. Previously, only fundraising use cases from 501(c)(3)s were eligible for fee waivers and a Special Business Review was required.
  • K-12 Education campaigns are now eligible for fee waivers with a Special Business Review. Campaign messages must either be sent directly by a K-12 educational institution or provided as part of a free service offering for use by members of a K-12 educational institution to qualify.

The following billing example is provided for illustrative purposes only:

Campaign Creation For example, on May 5
First Monthly Charge Appears on May 31 Invoice from TCR to TextOut (end of the calendar month of campaign creation).
Second Monthly Charge On June 30 invoice.
Third Monthly Charge On July 31 invoice.
Cancellation notice due (to avoid renewal billing). August 4 (day before campaign renewal).
First Campaign Renewal (anniversary date). August 5.
First Monthly charge in the second cycle
*The campaign continues to be renewed and billed on a monthly cycle until the Account Owner terminates the campaign.

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