10DLC: How to Register Brands and Campaigns with the Campaign Registry

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Who needs to register?
Why register?
How to register your Brand with The Campaign Registry
External vetting
How to register your Campaign with The Campaign Registry
What are Network Access Fees?

Who needs to register?

The carriers are asking that every organization that wants to send text messaging using standard 10-digit phone numbers (using local area codes) in the United States register with the carrier-supported entity, The Campaign Registry (TCR). TextOut is a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry, and you can register through your Account in TextOut. 

How long does the registration process take?

Approximately 3-5 business days (can take shorter or longer depending on the information submitted).

Why register?

  • Improved deliverability
  • Higher throughput
  • Unregistered 10DLC traffic will be filtered/blocked by the carriers
  • Unregistered 10DLC traffic will incur higher surcharges from the carriers

Organizations should follow SMS best practices. Recipient SPAM (7726) complaints and high automatic opt-out rates (“STOP” replies) may lead to the carriers flagging your messages as spam and blocking your traffic. Choose your audiences carefully and monitor program deliverability and opt-out rates.  Carriers want to see “opt-out instructions” in your messaging. We have found using the phrase “STOP2QUIT” in your initial message results in a lower auto opt-out rate.

How to register your Brand

To register your brand with TextOut, follow these steps:
  1. Select “Account" from the top menu ❯ “10DLC” ❯ “Brands” ❯ “Create Brand.” 
  2. Enter the information required to register. If the information submitted doesn't match your organization's filings, the registration may be rejected, or your Brand may have a lower score. Resubmitting corrected information will delay the Brand registration process. Please verify your information is correct before submitting it.
  3. Click “Submit” at the top of the screen.
  4. Upon registration, Brands will receive a Brand ID number. 

Important! If you are a political campaign, you will need additional external vetting!

Once the Brand registration information is submitted, each entity will automatically undergo an Identity Verification process. The Campaign Registry validates the EIN, Legal Company Name, and Legal Company Address with third-party independent sources and confirms the Brand's existence with a verification "Status" (Verified/Unverified).

Being a Verified Brand is a requirement to message on 10DLC. Providing the correct legal entity information during the registration process will allow the Brand to be swiftly verified. If you submit your registration information and your Brand Identity status returns as Unverified, these are the options available:

  • Any "Unverified" Brand can be resubmitted with corrected information for verification for a fee of $4.
  • Any "Unverified" Brand can request external vetting by a TCR vetting partner and potentially gain access to every MNO Class/Tier. (TextOut applies for external vetting for all entities by default, see below.)

In both cases, details about the Brand should be corrected if necessary before any submission.

How to register your Campaign 

Brands will register Campaigns (Use Cases) for their messaging so that the MNOs know the types of messages they plan to send. See our 10DLC Use Case lists and registration information. 

To register your Campaign with TextOut, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Account” from the top menu ❯ “10DLC” ❯ “Campaigns” ❯ “Create Campaign.” 
  2. Enter the information required to register your Campaign.
    1. You must submit at least three message samples for approval.
    2. Campaigns are registered for a three-month initial period and renewed monthly after that. 
  3. Click “Submit” at the top of the screen. 

Note: There can be several hours delay for your new Campaign to be accepted by the Connectivity Partner. Carriers are now manually reviewing Campaign registrations, often resulting in several days' delay in getting approval. [July 2022]

Once your Campaign has been approved, your Carrier Status table on the Campaign screen will give you more information about your carrier throughput terms. Depending on your entity type, you may need to adjust your Program strategy to meet your Campaign throughput limitations. 

You can purchase phone numbers to associate with your Campaign to be used with your texting Program. Depending on your carrier throughput and the amount of contacts within your texting Program, you may want to purchase multiple Numbers. The maximum number you can buy is 49. See Understanding & Managing Carrier Daily Throughput for more information. 


These fees will be passed through to you in your monthly TextOut invoice.

One-time fees

  • $4.00 per Brand Registration (one-time TCR Fee) (This charge excludes any 3rd party vetting fees or non-standard review procedures as mandated by the MNOs, see Vetting Fees below.)
  • T-Mobile Fees:
    • T-Mobile charges a $50 one-time fee per Campaign (in addition to the monthly recurring Campaign fee (see below) to be paid to TCR). 
    • For Brands requiring 50 or more numbers, special pre-approval is needed, plus a one-time $500 fee to T-Mobile upon application submission.
    • For Brands requiring daily messaging volumes above 200k, special pre-approval is needed by T-Mobile, plus a one-time $5000 fee upon application submission. 
  • (Effective 8/1/22) DCAs (Direct Connect Aggregator, aka companies that provide direct connectivity to mobile carrier gateways for the purpose of delivering messages) will begin charging a one-time $15 vetting fee when they receive a new Campaign connection request. This new vetting process has increased the registration turnaround time to a minimum of 48 hours. Providing insufficient information in the Campaign registration can cause significant delays. If the upstream partner requires additional information, another $15 re-vetting fee will be charged with each resubmission. You will be notified if re-vetting applies to your Campaign(s).

Please contact support@civitech.io if you require 50 or more numbers per Campaign or daily volumes over 200k.

Recurring fees

  • Monthly fees are associated with each Campaign, depending upon your use case. They are invoiced monthly for an initial three-month period, which will renew until you deactivate the Campaign. See Pricing for Special Use Cases
    • Regular Campaigns, $10/mo
    • Low Volume/Mixed Campaigns, $2/mo
    • Political Campaigns, $10/mo
    • Charity Campaigns ((501(c)(3) only), $3/mo

    Special Use cases may have different associated fees than standard use cases. Some customers that successfully register for the Charity / 501(c)(3) or Emergency special use cases may be eligible for per-message fee discounts or waivers at the MNOs’ discretion.

Vetting fees

Please see our support guide to Vetting and related Fees

Important! Make sure the information you enter in the vetting forms is correct. A mistake will cause the verification to fail, and another fee will be required to resubmit with corrected information.

What are Network Access Fees?

In addition to migrating to the 10DLC ecosystem, carriers still charge various Network Access Fees (NAF). These fees are passed through to us from the aggregators and are included in our Service Fees per our contract terms. We reserve the right to charge for unregistered surcharges and fines. We reserve the right to increase our Service Fees if carrier fees increase.

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